The DepED has institutionalized the Kindergarten Program through Republic Act 10157 as a mandate to make Kindergarten as a compulsory and mandatory education for all school aged children.  DepED believes that this is the best time to teach children while they are at the period of their greatest growth and development. It is a welcome development that when the Kindergarten started in our school three years ago there were only two sections of thirty pupils. Last year we already have 5 sections and this year there are 6 sections in Kinder. We are grateful for the positive response of the parents to the program.

Mother-Tongue Based-Multi Lingual Education

              DepED Order No. 16, s. 2012, DepED’s program of following the eight major languages that will be utilized as the language of instruction. A strong language development is important for cognitive development and lifelong learning thus its pilot implementation began with the batch of Grade I 2012-2013. 

Alternative Learning System (Abot-Alam)

             This module-based learning program can be taken either thru the use of modules or the internet. It offers a viable alternative to formal schooling for those who cannot afford to go to school and follows a different schedule. Pupils are given 10 months or 800 hours after which they are assessed through the A&E. When they pass, they now have the opportunity to go to the next higher level of Secondary School or College. Our school ALS program has a current enrolment of 110 students mostly over aged learners or out-of-school youth. 



              The Learning Action Cell Learning was one of the best practices that were being implemented in our school. The school heads assigned each grade level to discuss certain topics, which are timely; content based and can provide needs of the teachers professionally. This also improved the teaching strategy and the effectiveness of the teachers. This program helped the staff to work well and developed good rapport among co-teachers and school head.



               Organized to imbue the youth in the love for God, country and fellow-men and become useful citizens in nation building and in the world community.  The girl scouting in the school is a vibrant as ever, while boy scouting is still trying to recover due to some setbacks.  Despite the difficulties, the pupils have shown their love for scouting activities by the increase in the number of scouters who were inducted last December. 


                   A waste reduction, recycling and trash-for-cash project of the DepEd where children are taught to segregate waste and retrieve recyclable ones to be weighed and kept in a passbook for exchange of school supplies that they may use.  The project has gained the support of children who appreciate the concept of getting something in return for the recyclable materials they were able to collect and store.


                 The Red Cross Youth members are committed to providing quality life-saving services that protect the life and dignity of indigent Filipinos in vulnerable situations. The members have recently undergone leadership training to develop friendship, camaraderie and volunteerism among other RCY’s from other schools. The Red Cross Youth has been responsible for organizing the Red Cross-supervised Fire and Earthquake Drills to ensure that the drill is being done correctly.



                 A student organization that promotes the protection of the environment through activities that create awareness and initiatives that will reduce the further damage to the environment.  They have been responsible for the Tree Planting and Tree Caring activities of the school as well as promoting pollution control and the clean air act.


Program of Religious Instructions

                 In partnership with the Cathedral of Saint Andrew Parish, the lay teachers regularly provide religious instructions once in a week to our pupils in all Grade levels. They prepare pupils for the sacraments of Confession, Holy Communion, and Confirmation while in school.


Project Smile

                 Our school supports project SMILE- Serving with Meaning In Lifelong Education of the National Capital Region as a program for the creation and promotion of a safe learning environment through the adoption of “Masayang Guro, Masiglang Magturo” based pedagogy.  

Guidance Program

                 The Guidance program of the school aims to develop the full potential of all pupils by looking after their needs and helping organize activities that will promote the development of their talents and skills.

Adopt-a- School Program

              Launched by the DepED in order to entice business communities, non-government organizations, and civil society organizations to adopt a school of their choice and provide them with the necessary support and resource mobilization as partners of the school.  The assistance being extended by these organizations   can range from learning support, infrastructure construction, feeding, etc., the school has been blessed with the assistance of the Save the Children Foundation and Safe Kids Phils., who have conducted activities that support nutrition and safety.


Feeding Program

              The school canteen has allotted some of its funds to support the fight against malnutrition by providing nutritious meals for children at risk of not attending school due to poor nutrition. This year our school has had a sponsor for Feeding who took charge of bringing cooked food for the 35 selected pupils from Grades I, III and VI for about 2-3 weeks.  She happened to be the wife of one of the executives of Yakult Phils., and even gave samples of the health drink to our pupils after their meals.


4Ps, Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program

            A human development program of the national government that gives assistance in the form of cash grants to families to improve their health and education particularly to those with children aged 0-14 years old. The school is now in the process of gaining more beneficiaries after the local DSWD has announced additional allocations for the city of Paranaque.


            Enhancement and Remediation Non-Reader Students. A program organized by the ALS in order to assist over-aged and out-of-school learners to read for them to understand their lessons better and help them accomplish the activities and modules assigned to them.


Reading Program

           The school reading program aims to assist those identified as slow readers in the WSA.  Good readers across grade levels are being tapped to join their English teachers in helping pupils to read. Pupils make use of their time after class hours to assist fellow classmates in reading.  Basic sight words are provided in the classrooms to help pupils read.  At the moment the focus is in helping grade I pupils become readers of sentences and the Grade I teachers will continue doing so till March 2013.



Bulilit Health Partners

           The Save the Children Foundation has trained pupils from Grade III to VI as health partners to promote good hygiene practices as: hand washing and teeth brushing. They also assisted in the program of deworming and Vitamin A supplementation as it was carried out by the local health workers. Members of the BHP regularly monitor the school feeding activities and help maintain school cleanliness.





Information Communication Technology

               The DepED has incorporated the use of ICT as a capacity building initiative that utilizes communication and information technology to help students, teachers, and school heads in the public school nationwide.


               Food production is being practiced in the school as a measure to support the School Feeding Program and teach parents on the possibilities of raising vegetables as food through urban gardening techniques.  The planted malunggay and kamote for example has been used in the meals of the Feeding beneficiaries and the pupils with the help of the utility personnel regularly plant to maintain vegetables in the school.

             Despite of having limited space, on-going construction and the supply of water, the school were able to pave way for a school garden. The school garden still managed to put up an Urban Gardening. The school adopted the hydroponics, vertical aerial and containerized gardening. Aside from that, the school also raise some native chicken. The school were able to reach the target which is to be awarded in the Urban Gardening with Gulayan sa Paaralan Category.


        Teaching is a noblest profession. Every teachers shall manifest genuine enthusiasm and pride in teaching as a noble calling. Last October 5, 2020 . Paranaque Elementary School Unit II  successfully celebrated virtually the “Awards Night” for teachers.

         The program started at 5;00 p.m by a prayer, followed by a nationalistic song. Ma’am Myla R. Velasquez gave the opening remarks which gave us hope and inspiration that pandemic can’t stop us to continue the celebration as well as the education. Followed by an inspirational message from our District Supervisor Sir Nelson I. Carvajal and a message from the Mayor of Parañaque Hon. Edwin L. Olivares that gave us gratitude as teachers. Next is the announcement of winners of Ma. Teresa G. Leonardo our GPTA President in the Teacher’s Got Talent held last September 26, 2020 and the Cheer Dance competition last October 2, 2020, a proof that teachers are talented. Awarding of certificates for Grade Leaders and for coordinator ship which they contributed to the realization of vision and mission of the school and the Department of Education. We entertain an intermission fire dancing  number coming from our PES II alumnus.

         We also award certificates for the Gawad Primero who contributed on Module Production, Validator and Lay out Artist. Dry run Simulations and sorting, packaging and distribution of modules are also awarded to teachers for contribution for the successful implementation in Learning Continuity Plan of PES II. One of the most exciting part was the Raffle draw through spin the wheel which all of us are winners. We are very lucky that our PES II alumnus gave again an intermission number. Another certificates awarded to the Most Efficient Non-Teaching Personnel and for the Kinder and Grade 1 teachers. Loyalty Awardee are also given to those teachers who are 15,20,25 years commitment and dedicated in service. Our four Master Teachers are also awarded a plaque for their unending support in all the activities in our school. The last plaque awarded is for the Outstanding Teachers for the school year 2020-2021. Every grade level has a qualified outstanding teacher but the most outstanding teacher from the primary is Sir Xavier Lecaros and for the intermediate is Sir Arnil V. Avila which both of them gave a message to thank people who helped them behind their success. Last part of the program is the closing remarks given by our GPTA president Ma. Teresa Leonardo.

        We are truly blessed that despite of challenges facing in this pandemic covid-19 we virtually success and enjoy the celebration.


It takes a village to educate a child. The people in our community will affect the lives of our children. These may include the family members, friends, neighbors, teachers, coaches, leaders.

In support for the distance learning of the children, District Grant 2117280 organized an activity which will benefit the learners of Parañaque Elementary School Unit II last October 5, 2020. The said activity is called Bag of Hope wherein the Rotarian donated tote bags for the learners where they can place their modules. The activity started with Nationalistic Song followed by Prayer through a video presentation. Opening remarks was given by the school principal, Ms. Myla R. Velasquez. She gave thanks for the support of the Rotary in the school. A video was presented where learners showed appreciation and gratitude for the Rotary. Rotarians said that this is only the beginning of their work and advocacy on the school. 


This only shows that despite of the situation that we are facing right now, education of the learners must continue as what Secretary Briones had said.